• Why Hiring a General Contractor is the Best Way to Build Your Dream Home in New Orleans

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    No matter how handy you are, unless you are a licensed general contractor, it is wise to hire a professional to build your dream home. Their expertise is invaluable as you navigate and manage the processes of dealing with lenders, materials, sub-contractors, scheduling, permitting and inspections. Those are just the practical aspects of hiring the professional.

    Qualified builders have already experienced the possible ruts in the road and are instrumental in keeping you informed every step of the way. Most people know what they want, and want what they have planned. All the surprises, gaffes and inconveniences add stress to the project, so having an experienced builder like Guillot Building piloting the project can make the process as painless an experience as possible. Their approach to building your home is to have you partner with them as they work to bring your dreams to reality, while helping you avoid the extra hassles that so many do-it-yourselfers experience.

    General contractors are held to strict standards by the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors, which is another reason to rely on professionals. In fact, since late 2011, Governor Jindal has signed executive orders to protect homeowners from shoddy contractors. These higher standards have been instrumental in better quality home building, and when you hire Guillot Building, you are assured that they meet and exceed the necessary standards. They guide you through a smooth transition in the course of each phase of your project. Their foundation is based on trust and they understand that trust is earned. Guillot Building has earned this trust by building a reputation of being high quality precision builders with four decades of experience and industry relationships.

    The process of choosing the right general contractor should include word of mouth recommendations, since satisfied customers can give you real insight into their habits. The team at Guillot Building has garnered some real praise from those they’ve served because of their customer friendly approach to each facet of their projects. Knowing that the outcome will be what you expect and having a team of skilled, highly trained professionals diligently working to bring your dreams to a reality makes the entire process an experience to be remembered.

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