• What Improvements Increase The Value Of A New Orleans Home?

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    Remodeling can increase the value of your New Orleans home. After all, a well-maintained property with modern amenities typically sells faster than one that is poorly maintained and has outdated amenities. When trying to increase value, remain with the traditional remodeling investments most homeowners choose.

    For instance, bathroom and kitchen remodels generally increase the value of any property. The rooms also drive up the asking price of your home when it’s time to place the property on the market. The amount of the increase varies though. Small remodeling projects such as installing new kitchen cabinets or counter-tops can recoup the money spent on the job, however, it may not increase the property’s overall value very much. Major remodeling projects such adding modern, popular features tend to increase value the most.

    In addition to kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects, adding extra spaces in the home increases its value too. For instance, the first thing you notice in a newer home is roominess. Existing, older homes generally lack the same roominess. Thus, adding an eat-in kitchen, an extra bathroom in a guest room or extra room in a master suite adds value.

    When remodeling, don’t gamble. Trying to predict what prospective buyers like is akin to being a hamster on a wheel. It’s an endless but disappointing quest. Stray too far from what general buyers like and you risk not selling your home. Instead, you must keep a delicate balance. Choose to remodel based on what you and your family like. However, you should also stay with features, colors and styles that appeal to a larger group.

    Regardless of the type of remodeling you do, the quality of work is vital. Remember, you’re trying to increase the value, not decrease it. Thus, substandard, low-quality workmanship or material wipes out any extra value you may have added to your home, so try to avoid do-it-yourself weekend projects. Major or minor remodeling projects should be left to the professionals.

    You may want to add a half-bath to your first floor or combine two rooms to make a larger room, however, maintain your remodeling project. Keeping any home in good shape is critical to maintaining its increased value.

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