• Live Through Hurricanes and Floods in Safety with a Guillot Building Home

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    The city of New Orleans has had the unfortunate honor of being the poster-child for natural disasters. With almost 2000 people dead and $81 billion worth of damage, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and the surrounding areas. Homes were flooded, damaged by incredible winds, and torn apart. The rebuilding effort has been enormous with volunteers who have traveled from across the country to help Louisiana residents put their lives back together. Many were left homeless or with heavily damaged properties as a result.

    Your home is arguably the most important thing you own. It’s where memories are made and where you store everything else of value, where your children rest their heads to sleep, and where you sit down to relax after a long, hard day of work. The value of a well built home, especially in areas suffering from natural disasters like New Orleans, is incalculable. Guillot Building offers the highest quality home building, renovations, and additions. You can rest easier at night knowing that only the best professionals had a hand in the construction of your house and the best materials went into its making. Guillot Building has been in the business for over 30 years and knows how to weather the tides of time. They have contacts with a vast array of professionals with whom they’ll work to ensure all of your design ideas come to life.

    When disaster strikes, you may be unprepared and find yourself struggling to figure out the next step in life. It’s often difficult and painful to begin the rebuilding process. If your home has been damaged or destroyed, Guillot Building can help get you indoors once again.

    While Guillot Building can help those suffering from natural disasters, you don’t have to wait for bad weather or crisis situations to renovate your home. New Orleans is famous for their gorgeous architecture; however, this often hides the desperate need for interior remodeling. Perhaps you’ve always wanted a new kitchen or bathroom or need to convert an unused room into a study or workspace? Large or small, Guillot Building can help with all of your construction and repair needs. If you can dream it up, Guillot can build it.

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