• Finding A Remodeling Company In New Orleans

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    Sometimes finding the right remodeling company to help you improve your home can be worse than looking through an old telephone book. There are too many names and not enough key information, like whether they have the skills to suit your particular needs. Finding a remodeling company is good, but finding the right remodeling company is better. Here are just a few tips to make things easier.

    To develop a list of companies, ask friends, neighbors and co-workers for their advice. Also, contact building materials suppliers, trade associations and insurance professionals. They typically work with contractors every day. Check with the Louisiana Licensing Board for Contractors to find out if the company you’re interested in is licensed. Cross off any names that aren’t.

    In addition to doing your homework, interview the professionals representing each remodeling company you’re considering. Ask about their work. For example, you want to find out if the remodeler is actually familiar with different types of houses. Is the company an expert only in new construction or do they also have expertise with older homes? There are other important questions to ask during the interview also, such as:

    Does the company carry workers’ compensation insurance?

    Does the remodeler have a Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR) certification?

    How many projects does the company anticipate working on at the same time it’s completing your project?

    Who at the company is responsible for getting the proper work and building permits?

    Does the remodeler provide written lien waivers?

    Does the company guarantee its work? If yes, for how many years?

    How long will it take to complete the job, including cleanup?

    You must go beyond the referral list each company gives you. Be diligent and call each reference. Ask questions about how long the company took to finish the job, and the working relationship. Did the reference feel comfortable asking the contractor questions or making requests?

    Overall, use your judgment. Don’t give a remodeler your hard-earned money unless you’re totally positive they can do the job. Also, selecting any remodeler requires a good working relationship, even if the company does good work. You must be comfortable and trust the company because its employees are working on your valuable property.

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