• Always Wanted a New Kitchen or Bathroom? Let Guillot Building Make it a Reality!

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    Your home is gorgeous and unique! It is a reflection of yourself, your family, and all of the diverse aspects that make up your life. Sometimes specific rooms fall into disrepair and this can bring down the tone of an entire home, especially in the area of New Orleans where houses are renowned for their gorgeous old architecture. Having an old home can be a plus, but not when the interior is in extreme need of renovation. Living in comfort is important and ensuring that all areas of your house fit your ideal is what Guillot Building does best.

    From new kitchen counters to expanded bathroom spaces, Guillot Building can ensure that your house has that unique feel that’s all your own. Even if your home is not falling into disrepair, Guillot Building can help custom tailor renovated rooms to fit your every need. Kitchens and bathrooms are not all that they can do, and the sky is the limit when it comes to updating and customizing your home.

    Not only can Guillot Building renovate rooms, but also entire houses. The New Orleans area has often faced harsh weather conditions and natural disasters in the past. Homes in this region can take a pounding, but are not indestructible. If your home has been damaged or destroyed by weather, Guillot Building will work with you to rebuild and make the house of your dreams into a reality.

    Guillot Building believes in working with clients to ensure that it is their ideas and dreams being constructed. They welcome sketches and clippings and whatever ideas you may have about your home renovation or reconstruction. Even if you’re at a loss for ideas and struggling to find a way to move forward with construction work, the professionals at Guillot Building have over 30 years of experience and can often suggest new and exciting ideas for your home. They know the best professionals in the business and can help recommend talented designers, architects, and plumbers to suit your every need. No matter what kind of home improvement project you have in mind, Guillot Building will ensure top-quality work and give you the new and improved living environment you desire.

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