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    Many cities and suburbs in the United States are filled with sprawling subdivisions of identical-looking, cookie-cutter homes. But in New Orleans, we don’t forget the past. We love the old architecture of our city and value its preservation. At the same time, we know it’s important to stay with the times. After all, the way homes were built 100 years ago don’t always mesh well with the lifestyles of the 21st century.

    Guillot Building was called by a couple—the wife who is a professor and the husband a salesman—to take on a renovation project and to create an addition. This couple owned a house that had been in their family a long time. They loved its character and kept a sentimental attachment to it. So many wonderful events had taken place in the space. The couple knew the stories the walls could tell. They didn’t want to move, but they needed the home to expand with their growing family and lifestyle needs.

    Considering the lot the house occupied and their situation, the best choice to make was to go up. The workers of Guillot Building took down the antique chandeliers to be put in storage. When everything was ready and the couple had taken up residence in a rented apartment, the workers tore off the roof and constructed a second story on top of the ground floor.

    We were conscientious to make the second story to match the design of the original house, Our clients wanted everything to have a coherent look to it.

    – Walter Guillot, Jr., the president of Guillot Building

    While the home was undergoing renovations, the clients also took the opportunity to redo the first floor. For one, Guillot Building renovated the kitchen. The contractors pulled out the old cabinets and installed new ones. They opened up the walls so sight lines were clear from the kitchen to the den and to the dining room. The overall effect was a more open and airy home. They also refinished the hardwood floors for a look that remained historic but no longer appeared worn.

    We kept the moldings and materials of what was there. Our goal was to update the house while keeping true to the original as much as possible. I believe we met that goal.Walter Guillot

    When it was all completed, the couple had a 1,000-square foot addition that included a new master bedroom and two new bathrooms. Of course, there is also a beautiful new downstairs. The renovations took four months, and now the couple is back home and happily enjoying their new space.

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